Ahmed is the Founder and CEO of Compass company for Learning and development, which includes a training school to qualify trainers and learning professionals to join the learning field.

Shahin is a senior Learning and Development Consultant at Vodafone, Certified Business and Career Coach by the (ICF), Certified Trainer and holds a bachelor’s degree in business administration.

Shahin has been in the business field, training field and public speaking for more than 10 years. He managed and designed full learning journeys and conducted a vast amount of developmental programs in Egypt and Gulf.

He trained more than 50000 employees, from top & middle Customer Care management down to local sales and call center representatives with a variety of different nationalities.

He also worked with a wide base of different multinational companies using the latest communication and development practical theories, in addition to delivering Leadership lectures and public talks for more than 100000 Students and employees.

Shahin is an active Professional member in ATD ” The Association for Talent Development ” and one of Tedx Co-founders in Egypt.

Among his core learning, development & consulting competencies is his ability to conduct Development needs analysis, design personal and business development plans, design and facilitate learning interventions within his professional experience in a customer focused business.

He led the cultural change in several multinational companies like Vodafone, Dar El-Handasah, BinLaden, etc by creating learning journeys, training and developing people while providing tools and techniques that built a value Based Organization, in addition to identifying pitfalls and ways of closing gaps. He helped companies’ employees develop their skills to build & recharge themselves & the company through strategic developmental programs.

Shahin is completely bilingual, cross cultured and his seminars are dynamic with several opportunities for applications in the work place.


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